Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Bracelets Are Here!!

We are SO EXCITED!!! Our Bracelets finally came in today and we LOVE THEM!!! We have two different ones.

1.  "I Support Adoption" (purple & blue)

2.  "What if...I Say Yes?!" (teal & yellow)  - This statement means... "What if i say yes to what God has placed on my heart to do?!?  (It could be anything.) For is adoption...but whatever it is that is on YOUR heart...say YES to God and step out and matter what!! "

We plan to use these to help us raise funds to go toward our adoption expenses.  We would love to receive a $5 donation for each bracelet.  If you would like to donate $5 toward the adoption of our precious little boy from can mail your donation to our address at P.O. Box 306, Capshaw, AL 35742 or email us at and we will make sure to connect with you to give you one! We can mail as many of them to you as you would like.  Just let us know and we will make sure and get them to you!

We are also looking for 100 people that would be willing to help us sell 10 of these bracelets each.  If only 100 of us took 10 and got donations of at least $5 each...that would at least be $5000!! What a blessing that would be!! We would LOVE it if you would like to help us in this way! But getting even one is a HUGE blessing!! We are just grateful for anything you could do!!!

Thanks for helping us spread the word...not only about supporting this adoption but also about supporting adoptions in general!! If you have questions...let us know!! We are so excited to share these cute bracelets with everyone! We are praising God for HIS creative ideas and ways for bringing our little boy home!! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! We look forward to hearing from you!
Mark & Buffi


  1. Love them and I'm so happy God is bringing another sweet baby home to be with family! I will take 2 :)

  2. LOVE them too!!!! What an AWESOME idea! ;) We've got to do some serious fund raising too! Still thinking, brainstorming, & praying for the answer.

  3. Hey Buffi, I will take 3 for us, and I will be happy to take 10 to sell for you. Can you mail them to me? I will pay you for the shipping so that doesn't come out of your profit! Great idea!!! And so excited for all of you...including "him!"