Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting Again...

I wanted to give you all a brief update of what it currently going on with the adoption process.

We went a couple of weeks ago to Birmingham to get our Bio-metric fingerprints done for Homeland Security.  Mark's parents had to do this with us.  (Hopefully that is the last thing they will have to do in this process with us!) Anyway...we got a notification last week that Mark's mom's fingerprints were unreadable....AGAIN! :( That is the 4th time her fingerprints have been unreadable in this process.

We are very grateful that by contacting Homeland Security and explaining the situation - She has unreadable prints, and is on dialysis and it it very difficult for her to get away for a two hour trip like that.  They were very helpful and allowed us to provide background information in a different way.  We pray that all this paperwork moves through the system quickly and allows us to get our Dossier to China SOON!!

What exactly is DTC? means Dossier to China and it is really the place we want to be at next...quickly!! Please pray that all our paperwork comes together without any snags and that we can get it to China ASAP!! This would be the only thing that could hinder us being "officially" matched with the little boy that we were referred from our agency.  We do know it is all in God's hands and timing...we just really want to see Godspeed on these papers!! :) I will keep everyone posted!!

We are coming to an end of our $50 Family Photo Fundraiser.  It will be ending after 7 wonderful months, at the end of November!! We have met some AMAZING families through this process and are just blown away at God's provision through this fundraiser.  All the glory goes to the Lord for it...because it was His idea for sure!! We're grateful for all the families who participated to help us.  At the end of November...we will have photographed close to 85 families! That truly boggles our mind!!! It has been a blessing though!! Thank you to the families who participated!! YOU have helped us raise close to $7500 to go and bring our little boy home!! YAY!!!

We are getting close to the $12,000 mark for fundraising.  We praise God for His provision so far...and we look forward to what the next few months hold.  There are great opportunities for God to do some wonderful things and we look forward to see what He is going to do!!

Many of you have asked when we will be going to China to get our little boy.  This is something we really will not know until we're logged in over there and know more so where our paperwork is in the process.  Our guess is it will be sometime in the spring of 2013.  But we do not know specifics. We promise to keep you all posted!!

-  Please continue to pray for the paperwork to move through quickly!

-  We have applied for an adoption grant...please pray for favor regarding this

-  We still need to raise at least $23,000 more.  It will come! We're not worried...we just want to lift this up     to the Lord and ask Him to bring the provision! It really is expensive.  Thats sad...because so many more people would be open to adoption if it were not for the cost.  We would love to see this change in the   future. But until then...we pray that other families will step out in the boldness of the Lord and trust HIM to     provide for these children.  It is an eternal investment!! It is definitely storing up treasures in Heaven!!

Thats it for now! As we get more details and info...I will make sure and send them your way!!! Thank you all for your love and support! It means the world to us!
Mark & Buffi

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We've Seen His Face!!!

Ok y'all...I cannot give you any details...but what I can tell you is we've been given a referral by our agency and we've accepted this referral and we are in the process of sending in our LOI (Letter of Intent) to adopt this precious little boy!!! AHHH!! HE IS PRECIOUS!!  It is so exciting and we would love to shout all the details from the roof tops...but we can't.  We have to make sure it's "official".  We pray all the paperwork goes through and that nothing hinders us being officially matched with him there in China!! can you pray?!?! Pray that we get our paperwork and info where it needs to be in a quick and timely manner and that there are no delays!! (We don't want delays to possibly have us loose this referral because of timing.)  Pray for all the finances we need to continue to come in!! We are SO amazed at God's provision.  I'm telling you...God is SO blowing us away by his continued provision!! You guys, our dear friends and family, have blessed us SO MUCH by helping to support us in this process and all you have done means more than you will EVER KNOW!!!

As a matter of of the fundraisers that was done for us by Kid's Kloset Consignment sale has just overwhelmed us!! They were able to give over $800 toward our expenses!! WOW!! To all those that donated during the Kid's Kloset sale...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Every dime is going to help us get to China and bring our precious little boy home!!! :) 

We cannot WAIT for all the paperwork for our referral to be final, so we can share his sweet face with you all!! Until then!! We SO appreciate your prayers, support and encouragement as we press on to carry out our Fathers heart to care for at least this one special boy that is close to HIS heart!! 

We'll keep you posted as we get news!!
Mark & Buffi

Friday, October 5, 2012


I am SO excited to announce that the children's book we have written and had illustrated by our precious friend Stephanie ready for purchase online at here!

We are SO excited about this book being available!! Not only is it just a wonderful Fiction story for children and families to read together....but it is going to help us raise funds to go toward the adoption of our precious little boy from China!!!

So spread the word and share with as many friends and family as you can about this special book:
Buy this book to raise $$ for our adoption! 
Let us know if you have any questions!!! God is faithful and we LOVE being able to share this journey with all of you!!

I cannot say very much...but what I CAN tell you is that we are VERY CLOSE to knowing who our little boy is from China!!! As soon as we are able to share with you all the news....we WILL!!

The next thing we do is go to Birmingham in two weeks to have our  Biometric fingerprints done for Homeland Security.  We are in the process of getting our Dossier ready to send to China!!

Lots of great news today. We will keep you all posted!!
Much love and appreciation!!
Mark & Buffi