Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Waiting....

It's been a month since I've updated with a post.  Its the nature of the adoption hurry up, to wait!! :) We have had our third home study and are waiting to schedule our 4th and final one.  We look forward to getting our home study complete!!

I think while we are waiting, I am going to look toward our trip and start to plan a little for travel.  We need to get our three kiddos their passports.  (Our passports are still good.) And we are looking at ways to cut down the amount of stuff we take to China with us....AND looking at luggage for the trip.  Our luggage is on its last leg and we aren't sure it'll make that long trip again!!  After our last trip there...we definitely have a better idea of the type we need!! :) There are some really awesome colorful luggage that will be easy to spot in the airport too!!! (That was one thing last time that we realized...there is a TON of black, blue, and burgundy luggage when you travel. It's hard to spot your own!! LOL)

Anyway....other than continuing to do family photos to raise money...there isn't a lot that is going on in our process.  As soon as we get something happening...We'll be sure and post!!! Thank you all as always for the much needed prayers!!!
Mark & Buffi