Friday, August 16, 2013

Three Month Update

 Well...It has officially been three months since our Gotcha Day in May! It is SO HARD to believe Shepard has been with our family for three whole months!!! We can't remember what life was like without him!!! He is SO adorable and such a sweetie!!! We actually celebrate our Family Day in July....and we always take a Family Day photo each year.  This was our first year as a family of six!!! The picture at the top is the "official" family day photo!!

This photo below is one of our "silly" pics!! :) We always do one of those as well. Shep added a little more challenge this year in getting our photos. He smiles constantly....EXCEPT when you want him to take a picture and smile!!! Thus...the silly picture below!! LOL!! He's like "WHAT?!!? It's not my fault!! " :)

How Is He Doing?
Shep is doing wonderful!! He is learning more and more  English. His speech is still difficult to understand...but we get it.  He understands a LOT though!! He can sing his ABC's and 123's.  LOVES to do that.  He also likes to color and cut things in his workbooks.  He LOVES puzzles, and trains, and stickers, and SPONGE BOB!!! He loves his Chic-Fil-A kids meal watches too!! HA....he wants to wear it every day!!!

In the time that we have been home...we may have had 1 or 2 nights where he has cried some.  It hasn't been very much at all.  And that was in his sleep.  He woke up that way.  Because of the communication barrier...he can't tell us very much of whats bothering him.  We just hold him and love on him.  It seems to work fine for him!!

He had to have a minor surgery last week and it went well.  He had a hard time coming out of anesthesia. He cried a LOT!! But after that, he was his sweet self again! He is recovering well and is pretty much back to normal!! So grateful to have that done!!

Brothers & Sisters:
Things are getting more comfortable now...and we're seeing just the normal brother/sister interactions.  Shep likes to correct A LOT!! He's pretty particular. So are the girls.  Poor Silas...He is our only one that isn't he gets told on A LOT!!! We pray for extra grace for him!! He's a good sport though and most of the time...lets things roll off his back!! But they all get along wonderfully!! Honestly...we couldn't have asked for a better fit!!! We praise God for that and thank Lifeline Staff for praying over those matches!! They matched us perfectly!!

Shepard went to his class at church Wednesday night by himself and did AMAZING!! He LOVED the music and they sent us pics of class with him dancing!! It was so sweet!! He was a little apprehensive...but when I told him we'd be in our class...he was fine!  He went in and had a blast!! That's a huge milestone!! He loved it...but he was glad to come back to us when we came and got him!!! We're so happy about beginning to get back to a more normal schedule with church!! :) We WANT him to love it as much as we all do!!

That's It!
That's all I can think of for now.  Our life is pretty much normal again.  We started homeschooling again two weeks ago. It's been going well.  Everyone is enjoying it!! Shep is even doing a few things!! I do need to get him some sensory boxes to play with as some additional work while the others are working.  But's great!!

I'm not sure who is still reading and keeping up with us...but I just wanted to let everyone know how it's going!! We are blessed...and so honored that God would ask us to bring this precious little boy to be a part of our family!! Yes...he's blessed to have a forever family...but WE are blessed forever because of it!!

Until next time!!! Praying you all have a wonderful weekend!
Mark & Buffi


  1. Buffi,

    Thank you for the update it is such a blessing. I am so glad that Shepard is doing so good. It sounds like he is the perfect fit for your precious family! We love you guys! Brett, Kelly and Allison

  2. Thanks for the update and so happy to hear all is well and that you have all bonded together as a hearing from you...